Reno Civil Litigation Lawyer

When individuals or business entities have non-criminal disputes they cannot solve on their own, a civil lawsuit may become necessary. Civil litigation can cover a wide range of issues, from personal injury claims to debt collection to discrimination lawsuits.

Unlike the criminal justice system, the outcome of a civil case will not result in time behind bars. Instead, a Reno civil litigation lawyer works to help you secure financial compensation or other forms of relief. No matter what issue you are dealing with, John Arrascada will be your zealous and aggressive legal advocate. He is ready to stand in your corner, fighting alongside you to make things right.

When Should I Call a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Navigating the civil litigation process is no easy task. Legal deadlines and complex rules of evidence at trial can be difficult to understand without extensive legal background, experience, and training. Given the substantial difficulty and high stakes, pursuing civil litigation without a lawyer  is never a good idea.

When is the right time to talk to an attorney? The sooner our skilled lawyer can begin evaluating a case, the better the chances of success. There are no benefits of waiting to reach out to John Arrascada as soon as he is on board, he can begin putting in the work to create a tailored strategy for your unique case.

Some of the civil litigation cases our experienced attorneys commonly see in Reno include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Personal injury claims
  • Business disputes
  • Partnership litigation
  • Will disputes

No matter what challenge you face, Mr. Arrascada is up for the task.

The Civil Litigation Process in Reno

Every civil lawsuit is unique, but many of these cases follow the same process. Some of these steps will occur before a lawsuit is ever filed. Our firm’s skilled civil litigation attorneys will typically attempt to negotiate a settlement while carefully investigating the facts of the case.

Initial Pleadings

If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, the next step involves the initial pleadings. The plaintiff begins the suit with a complaint; after they are formally notified of the lawsuit, the defendant has the opportunity to respond.

Discovery and Depositions

The parties move on to a process known as discovery after the initial pleadings are filed. During discovery, both parties must answer written questions and provide copies of evidence they plan to use at trial. The discovery process frequently involves depositions as well. Depositions are proceedings outside the courtroom where attorneys ask witnesses questions, and a court reporter records the responses.

Preparing for Civil Trial

After discovery, Mr. Arrascada will help the client prepare for trial. Before trial, the court will consider various motions about what witnesses can testify and what evidence can be admitted. Once these motions are completed, it is time for trial.

It is worth noting that not every civil case will make it to trial. For many people, these cases conclude with a negotiated settlement before a trial is necessary. In other situations, a judge might dismiss the case before it ever goes to trial. Mr. Arrascada has over 30 years of experience obtaining favorable outcomes in a wide range of civil litigation matters.

Call a Reno Civil Litigation Attorney Today

Although civil lawsuits do not have the same stakes as criminal litigation, a positive case result can make a huge difference in your short and long-term prospects. In some cases, civil lawsuits could result in thousands of dollars in damages. In others, they could lead to court orders that limit your rights.

Let a Reno civil litigation lawyer help you seek justice no matter what battle you’re up against. Call John Arrascada today for a confidential and honest consultation about your legal options.