Reno Criminal Defense Lawyer

You may not know where to turn when facing criminal charges in Nevada. The consequences of a criminal investigation, let alone a conviction, will affect your life for years to come. Taking swift, informed action is essential. However, acting without the help of an experienced attorney can lead to confusion, unnecessary stress, and, most importantly, place you in a weaker position to effectively defend yourself. If you are contacted by law enforcement related to a criminal investigation, you should speak with an experienced lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options, develop your defense, and ensure you are treated fairly. If you have been arrested, it is critical you contact an experienced lawyer at Law Office of John Arrascada immediately.

John Arrascada is a highly respected Reno criminal defense lawyer who has decades of experience defending against a range of charges, including drug-related violations, sex crimes, violent offenses, white-collar crimes, and theft. He could help you determine the best approach for handling your unique circumstances. Let a skilled legal representative advocate on your behalf.

Common Examples of Criminal Cases

While a person can face countless criminal charges, some offenses are more common in Reno than others, including:

  • DUIs
  • Domestic Batteries
  • Drug crimes, including the possession, distribution, or sale of a controlled substance
  • Sex crimes such as prostitution, soliciting, or child pornography
  • Theft crimes such as shoplifting or robbery
  • Violent crimes such as murder or assault, and domestic violence
  • White-collar crimes, including embezzlement and fraud

Penalties for a criminal conviction are often severe, and accusations of these offenses must be taken seriously. Anyone facing charges in Reno or elsewhere in the state should discuss their options with a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney. Skilled legal representation is essential to understanding the severity of the charges, the potential penalties associated with a conviction, and both short-term and long-term strategies to obtain the most favorable possible outcome. Whether someone faces a misdemeanor or felony charge, John Arrascada is here to represent clients to ensure they are treated fairly.

What To Do if You Are Arrested in Reno

Knowing what to do following an arrest, or even an investigative contact by law enforcement, is one of the most important ways to protect your rights during the legal process. When first being approached by law enforcement in an investigative setting, or a detention or arrest, an individual should be polite but firm and request to speak with an attorney and otherwise remain silent. You should not answer any questions if you believe you are the target of an investigation by law enforcement until you speak with an attorney. Additional important actions include:

  • Remaining calm
  • Complying with any orders law enforcement might give, so they cannot be charged with resisting arrest
  • Not giving their consent to the police to search their vehicle, home, workplace, or hotel room (this includes not providing passwords or other credentials for electronic devices

After the initial arrest, a Reno defense attorney could work with the defendant to explain the arraignment process, post bail, outline the pretrial process, navigate the trial, and handle sentencing.

Consult a Reno Criminal Defense Attorney for Dedicated Representation

Being arrested or charged with a criminal offense can leave you unsure of where to turn or what steps to take next. In these situations, you need a Reno criminal defense lawyer with the knowledge, training, and experience to protect your legal rights.

John Arrascada will assist you with investigating your arrest and building a defense against the charges. John Arrascada will be by your side until your case is resolved. Contact us today to learn more.