Reno Assault Lawyer

Fairness is an integral feature of our criminal justice system. Sometimes, a prosecutor will make charging decisions based on one set of circumstances. This can damage a person’s character, work-life, and social connections. This is particularly true in instances of assault and battery accusations. Especially, allegations of Domestic Battery.

When you face these charges, you deserve steadfast representation from a Reno assault and battery defense attorney. A highly experienced criminal defense lawyer like John Arrascada can tailor a defense to the unique circumstances of your case and fight for your future.

Benefits of an Experienced Assault and Battery Attorney

With any criminal charge, you face significant consequences and a complex legal process. Without skilled legal representation from a Reno lawyer, you may be unprepared to defend yourself against the assault and battery allegations. Mr. Arrascada has significant experience representing people in your situation and can:

  • Negotiate an amicable deal with the prosecutor
  • Work to reduce a charge and help you avoid jail time
  • Point out gaps, leaps, and inconsistencies in the allegations
  • Cross-examine law enforcement and the accusers under oath on the witness stand to point out procedural violations or errors
  • Build an airtight defense to get the charges reduced or dropped

At the Law Offices of John Arrascada, our seasoned Reno assault attorney will diligently collect the facts, thoroughly investigate, and present concise arguments on your behalf.

Assault Versus Battery Charges

In the state of Nevada, assault and battery are not the same offense. Battery is a crime of unwanted physical contact (NRS § 200.481). Assault is attempting battery or intentionally making a person fear that physical contact will occur (NRS § 200.471).

Battery can be classified under three categories. Simple battery which is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail. Battery on a protected class (i.e., government employees, law enforcement, those officiating sports, medical professionals, and the elderly)  or with a deadly weapon punishable as a felony and potential prison time.  Domestic Battery which is a battery committed upon someone you have a domestic relationship with such as a spouse, child or relative.  A domestic battery is a misdemeanor but a conviction for domestic battery comes with severe consequences of losing your Second Amendment right to bare arms. An aggressive experienced attorney like John Arrascada can defend you on your battery charge and will work hard to protect and preserve your rights.

Assault can be classified under three categories. Standard or simple assault is charged as a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 180 days in jail. Assault against a person in a protected class (i.e., government employees, those officiating sports, medical professionals, and the elderly) can be prosecuted as a felony or misdemeanor and result in up to one year of jail time. Assault using a deadly weapon is a felony and carries prison time of up to six years. A conviction for any assault crime may also come with significant financial penalties.

An accused person’s criminal history can also impact the potential penalties they face upon conviction. When you face assault or battery charges in Reno, contact skilled attorney John Arrascada to discuss the legal specifics of your case.

Overcoming an Assault Charge

Persons accused of assault or battery have the right to defend themselves with help from a seasoned lawyer. A talented Reno attorney like Mr. Arrascada can skillfully and artfully craft various defense strategies against assault and battery charges. For instance, a defendant’s assault or battery charges may have resulted from self-defense or an accident with no ill intent.

No matter the specific circumstances, working with a reputable assault and battery lawyer in Reno will be crucial to building an effective defense, defending the charges and protecting your rights. At the Law Offices of John Arrascada, we are ready to stand up for your rights and fight for your future.

Reach Out to Our Reno Assault and Battery Attorney

When you face serious criminal allegations, do not take any risks with your legal defense. Let a Reno assault and battery lawyer like John Arrascada handle your case and pursue the best possible outcome. With his systemic knowledge and legal acumen on your side, you stand a much better chance of protecting your prospects and your rights.

You will be hard-pressed to find a law firm with the same level and breadth of experience as the Law Offices of John Arrascada. Call our firm today to discuss your case and get started on your defense.