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Drunk driving is a serious offense that includes being under the influence of alcohol and legal and illegal drugs. Prosecutors and Judges in Nevada take these cases very seriously and can impose severe custodial and financial consequences. A conviction for driving under the influence could result in penalties such as jail time, required counseling, fines, community service, and driver’s license suspension and revocation. It is crucial for anyone arrested for driving while intoxicated to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Reno DUI lawyer about defending their legal rights.

John Arrascada has decades of experience and will work with you to build a defense against your drunk driving charges and obtain the best possible outcome.  Call the Law Office of John Arrascada, as soon as possible to begin reviewing the details of your charges or arrest.

The Basics of DUI Charges

Nevada’s blood alcohol limit is .08 percent for regular motorists and .04 percent for commercial drivers. For drivers under 21, the legal limit is .02 percent. Many DUI cases involve defendants refusing to submit to a field sobriety test. A motorist’s failure to submit to a chemical test could lead to a driver’s license revocation of up to one year.

Those arrested for DUIs as first-time offenders face misdemeanor charges, with potential penalties ranging from fines and mandatory attendance of driver training courses to driver’s license suspension and jail time. Someone convicted of multiple DUIs within seven years could face more serious consequences.

Additionally, DUI cases that cause injury or death are felony offenses that can result in penalties, including prison time, fines, and a suspension of the driver’s license for three years. John Arrascada can further explain the different levels of DUI charges to help you better understand the circumstances and options for moving forward.

Potential Defenses to DUI Charges

There are many defense strategies that a seasoned attorney can implement to help their client avoid serious penalties. John Arrascada analyzes the entire interaction with the police from the initial stop to the conclusion of the investigation.  From constitutional rights related to the stop and detention by the police, to the investigative questions and techniques, to the validity of any chemical test, John Arrascada leaves no stones unturned to ensure his client’s constitutional and statutory rights are upheld.

DUI License Revocation Explained

Anyone charged with a DUI in Nevada faces both administrative and criminal penalties. When someone refuses a chemical test, their license is automatically revoked. Drivers who show a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit also face automatic license revocation.

The length of a license suspension after a drunk driving offense depends on various factors, including whether the motorist has other DUI convictions on their record. For example, the defendant faces a 185-day license suspension for a first-time DUI. In these situations, the person can seek a restricted driver’s license, which allows them to attend school or work. A second DUI offense results in a one-year suspension, and the defendant is ineligible for a restricted license. When someone is charged with three DUI offenses within seven years, their license is revoked for three years, and they become eligible for a restricted license after one year of suspension.

A driver seeking to challenge their license revocation can request an administrative hearing with the Nevada DMV within seven days of their suspension. John Arrascada will help the motorist prepare and advocate on their behalf at the hearing.

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When you are charged or arrested for drunk driving it is critical you take timely and decisive action. Contact John Arrascada to help protect your future and determining your next steps. An experienced attorney is available to help you build a strong defense and limit the adverse effects of your DUI charge.

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