Reno Gun Lawyer

With the right to bear arms comes many gun laws and regulations. Being accused of violating these laws can be stressful and potentially life-changing—you face incarceration, a permanent criminal record upon conviction and the loss of your Second Amendment right to bear arms. When your lifestyle and future are at stake, you need steadfast representation from a Reno gun lawyer to defend you.

A seasoned defense attorney like John Arrascada can fight back when you are unfairly or overly investigated, charged, or indicted on gun charges. You need someone who is up to the task of defending you and will provide honest guidance about your legal options.

How to Respond to a Gun Charge

If you are arrested and charged with a firearm offense, do not try to explain the situation or defend yourself to law enforcement. Respond respectfully, do not offer more information than necessary, or try to explain. Instead, invoke your right to remain silent and right to counsel and contact an experienced Reno gun attorney as soon as possible. Mr. Arrascada can represent you in any police interactions and work to refute the allegations against you.

Before a meeting with John Arrascada, gather all documents that might help your case. This includes a permit, concealed carry weapon (CCW), or gun license if you were accused of not having one. In a consultation, you and your Reno attorney should be open and honest regarding the sequence of events to develop the most effective plan to attack the gun charge.

Mr. Arrascada is highly skilled at contesting weapon-related charges and defending the rights of the accused. No matter the specific allegations, he works to skillfully craft an effective defense and zealously protect your best interests. From his years defending against firearm charges in Reno, he understands that every case is unique and requires a tailored strategy.

Common Gun Offense Allegations in Reno

Some of the most frequent firearm offenses seen in Reno are:

  • Having a pistol in a restricted location such as a military base, government facility, or childcare building (NRS § 202.265)
  • Having a concealed gun without a valid carry permit (NRS § 202.305)
  • Firing a pistol from a prohibited area or at another person in public ( NRS § 202.280)
  • Distributing a gun to a person legally not able to have one for financial gain (NRS § 202.362)
  • Manufacturing pistol ammunition without a business license to do so (NRS § 202.273)

In Nevada, a misdemeanor gun charge can come with up to 180 days in jail and penalties of up to a thousand dollars. A felony can come with fines of up to ten thousand dollars; depending on the specific allegations, jail or prison time can range from one to 25 years. A conviction on one’s criminal record can also impact their ability to get housing, attend institutions of higher learning, and secure loans. A seasoned Reno lawyer like Mr. Arrascada works to minimize the overall consequences of allegations, charges, or an indictment on gun charges.

Contact a Reno Gun Lawyer

At the Law Offices of John Arrascada, we are not new to criminal defense law. We have a long track record of success defending clients in firearm cases. A Reno gun lawyer at our firm can listen to your side of the story and provide honest advice on pursuing a positive outcome.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, John Arrascada is ready to aggressively defend your rights, freedom, and future. Contact the firm today to learn how he can put his years of experience to work for you.