Pre-File Investigations in Reno

A law enforcement officer has contacted you and wants to talk. Your family members have also heard from the police, and there is a police presence in your neighborhood that was never there before. These could be signs that you are under a pre-file investigation, meaning that the police suspect you are engaged in criminal activity and are looking for sufficient evidence before they can arrest you.

You may believe you should wait and see if the police arrest you before you contact a criminal defense attorney. After all, if they cannot find enough evidence, they cannot charge you with a crime. However, waiting gives the police and prosecutors a head start in collecting evidence and building a case against you. Do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of John Arrascada if you suspect you are the target of a pre-file investigation in Reno.

When Law Enforcement Contacts You

Law enforcement officers usually begin pre-file investigations by contacting suspects at home or work or asking them to drop by the station to talk. They likely will not tell suspects they are under investigation and may even promise not to arrest them if they just talk.

You are not required to talk to police or let them in your home without a warrant. Mr. Arrascada is experienced in handling pre-file investigations in Reno and can work tirelessly to protect your rights.

What a Defense Lawyer Can Do During Pre-File Investigations

When you suspect the police are investigating you, contacting a skilled attorney allows them to begin investigating, too. Defense lawyers can also speak to family and friends contacted by the police. When suspects share what the police may be investigating, an experienced attorney could concurrently search for evidence that corroborates suspects’ stories or refutes what police dig up.

Consulting legal counsel early on prepares you for what to expect as police continue to investigate and question you. A highly respected attorney like Mr. Arrascada can examine each step of a pre-file investigation and ensure the police follow the rules. Our firm can challenge eyewitness testimony as it is often unreliable. Knowing what law enforcement knows is a major step toward resolving an investigation favorably.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment Rights

All U.S. citizens are afforded rights under the Constitution. Under the Fourth Amendment, the government, represented by law enforcement, cannot arbitrarily seize people or property without cause. The Fourth Amendment allows a judge to issue a warrant before police can enter a home or vehicle to seize property or arrest a person. When police ask or demand entrance during a pre-file investigation in Reno, suspects can say no and seek immediate legal help.

The Fifth Amendment protects suspects from making incriminating statements to police. This protects your right to refuse to speak to law enforcement until you consult a lawyer.

Suspects arrested and accused of a crime have a Sixth Amendment right to representation by a qualified attorney. Do not wait until an arrest to contact the Law Offices of John Arrascada; we can begin zealously representing you during the pre-file investigation.

Let a Reno Attorney Guide You Through Pre-File Investigations

When police want to talk to you or your friends, neighbors, family, or employer, you may be under investigation for a crime. Police will use their extensive investigative tools to learn everything they can about you. They may stake out your home or even follow you.

Before you say or do something that could make matters worse, talk to a criminal attorney with extensive experience and court victories. Do not wait to be arrested. An early consultation with John Arrascada allows him to learn what the police are looking for and how much evidence they have. During pre-file investigations in Reno, you need an aggressive defender on your side. Our law firm is prepared to offer the tailored, skillful representation you need.