Reno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Residents and travelers love Reno for many reasons, including the vibrant downtown area and bustling streets. Unfortunately, that also leads to many pedestrian accidents each year. When vehicles strike people, the injuries are often severe and life-altering.

With the city’s rapid growth over the years, the number of pedestrian-related accidents has also increased. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney if you need help collecting a settlement after an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. John Arrascada is a highly respected Reno pedestrian accident lawyer who will fight for your legal rights and advocate for a just outcome.

The Danger of Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are dangerous to other motorists, especially pedestrians and bicyclists. When someone is texting or looking at their phone while operating a car, they may fail to notice pedestrians crossing the road, and the outcome can be tragic.

Distracted motorists are much more likely to crash and are a significant cause of fatalities. A Reno pedestrian accident attorney will fight for a favorable outcome and settlement amount.

Typical Injuries to Pedestrians

Pedestrians often sustain catastrophic injuries from accidents involving vehicles. Some typical injuries include:

  • Pelvis damage
  • Internal organ damage
  • Severe facial and dental damage
  • Severe whiplash and other soft tissue injuries
  • Severely broken limbs and traumatic amputations
  • Traumatic brain injuries leading to permanent disabilities
  • Back sprains, strains, and spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis
  • Crush injuries from being pinned between the car and another object

The sudden and forceful impact from a car striking someone on foot can often have devastating consequences. The accidents usually result in a wide range of severe and debilitating injuries and other psychological and financial damages.

Potential Recoverable Damages

The settlement amount to cover monetary damages and losses can vary significantly depending on the case specifics. However, the damages may be substantial because pedestrian accidents can be severe. Mr. Arrascada can fight for injured people to receive compensation for medical care, ongoing treatment, lost salary and benefits, permanent disabilities, and pain and suffering.

State Pedestrian Laws

Pedestrians usually have the right-of-way when crossing the street in crosswalks. Under Nevada Revised Statutes § 484B.287, motorists must yield when people are crossing as they approach whether or not traffic signals control the intersection.

However, the law prohibits people on foot from stepping off the curb and into the roadway while cars are approaching. State laws further prohibit pedestrians from hindering motorists’ ability to yield, failing to adhere to pedestrian traffic signals, and attempting to overtake a car in the crosswalk.

When there is no marked crosswalk in intersections, drivers must yield to pedestrians and wait for them to reach the other side of the road safely. Passing a vehicle stopped at intersections is unlawful. During a consultation, a pedestrian accident lawyer in Reno can review the case details and answer specific questions about the process.

Speak to an Experienced and Knowledgeable Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Reno

With the beautiful mountains and scenery, countless casinos, and lively nightlife, people walk and run all over Reno. Unfortunately, accidents involving cars and pedestrians are common despite marked intersections and traffic signals to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout the city.

You have the right to take legal action to recover your damages and losses when a reckless driver harmed. Speak to a qualified Reno pedestrian accident lawyer at The Law Office of John Arrascada today to learn more and schedule a consultation.