Reno Professional License Defense Lawyer

As a licensed professional, you aim to provide your patients or clients with the best care and representation. Despite your best efforts, someone could bring a complaint against you based on misunderstandings, distortions of the truth, or criminal proceedings resolved in your favor that do not affect your ability to perform your job.

When you are a judge, doctor, dentist, or other skilled worker facing professional license sanctions, you should have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney like John Arrascada in your corner. A Reno professional license defense lawyer can provide the legal services you need to walk away with your dignity and specialized license intact.

The Professional License Disciplinary Process

People who are licensed to practice professions must adhere to strict rules and expectations set forth by state legislatures or found in rules of conduct for self-governing occupations such as law or medicine. Violations of professional rules and procedures always start with a formal or non-formal complaint to the organization’s board that oversees ethical complaints and the board speaking with the complainer.

Some professions require people making complaints to use official complaint forms, so informal complaints such as letters or emails may be insufficient for the ethical board to proceed with the complaint.

Once a proper complaint is made, the ethics division of the board will notify the licensed professional (licensee) and the licensee’s place of employment. At this point, the licensee must consult a Reno professional license defense lawyer.

The ethics division will initiate its investigation after the board notifies the licensee and their employer. During the investigation stage, they will speak to people involved, gather more information, collect witness statements, and determine whether any immediate action should be taken against the licensee.

It is not unusual for the licensee to face a temporary work suspension during the ethics investigation. Legal counsel will often negotiate with the licensee’s employer to ensure the licensee receives compensation or some continuing work benefits while they patiently wait for the outcome of the investigation.

When the ethics division believes there is sufficient evidence to move forward with formal charges, the licensee has the right to a due process administrative hearing.

A Reno ethics hearing attorney can review the complaint and adjoining information to present a compelling defense for those facing ethical hearings.

Misconduct and Common Professional License Sanctions

A person might make claims of misconduct, fraud, or malpractice against a working professional for any number of reasons. The complaints are often frivolous and unfounded, leading to a speedy and favorable resolution of the alleged ethical violations.

Representation from a defense lawyer in Reno is especially beneficial when a professional licensee faces sanctions for a criminal or civil conviction. Similar sanctions across licensed professions that licensees in Reno face are:

  • Probation
  • Revocation
  • Suspension
  • Stayed suspension
  • Application rejected
  • Application approved

Probation as punishment for ethics violations means the licensee must adhere to certain rules to keep their license. This often includes the state board closely monitoring the license’s professional conduct for a period, speaking with their patients or clients, and reviewing their official work documents. Someone who has their license suspended will likely be unable to perform their licensed work duties until their suspension is over. Professional licensee probation is typically temporary, but when a licensee is revoked, they may be permanently unable to practice their profession.

John Arrascada can advocate for reasonable and fair sanctions, such as license reinstatement, for those facing professional misconduct allegations.

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You don’t want to lose your career, especially when you worked so hard to perform a job you love daily. Situations of professional misconduct allegations are stressful. With skillful representation from John Arrascada, a complaint against you does not have to end in a revocation.

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